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Now, MORE THAN EVER, you need a high calibre, super reliable PROCESS ... if you want to sell your home this year

These books deliver...

  • Exclusive never-before-seen analysis conducted over the last 5 years across a 'flat' capital city market place
  • All original content
  • The 7 Step approach that sold more than 95% (not 50%!) of every listed home in less than 30 days ... where the median time-on-market for more than 100 consecutive home sales was a record breaking 11 days!
  • 'NEXT-LEVEL' concepts, tips and strategies that finally empower sellers intead of buyers
  • A thoroughly proven sales process with the highest, independently-verified, sales success rates in Greater Brisbane
  • And much, much more ...

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Not a Brisbane Homeowner?

Price Truths & Negotiation's about time!

If you're selling your home soon, you simply cannot afford to miss this content-rich original information. 

Just in case you didn't know ... over the 24 month period between June 2017 & June 2019 no other agent in the Greater Brisbane area (where there were more than 2700 agents!) sold more properties at a faster rate than Anne-Maree Russell of Cape Cod Residential. 

  • 50+ properties sold
  • Median 'days on market' - only 11 days (  
  • Average 'days on market' - only 14 days (source: 

This books explain how our clients have achieved consistently fast results (and higher prices), year in, year out, and how you can too.

These books will show you:

The 'no fail' 3 step process you can immediately use to price position your home...even if there are no other homes similar to it

Our unique price benchmarking worksheet and price ranking tool - we use this every week to determine exactly how one home truly compares to another 

The most obvious reason why no agent can honestly answer the question "what do you think you could sell my home for?"

The key reason your pre-listing price assumption often changes the moment your campaign goes 'live'

The single most important negotiation concept that produces above-market results in almost every type of home

How and why buyers are prepared to pay more money for a property even though they all have the same sales data that every agent and every seller has

Are reproducible, high-performance real estate sales results really possible, or do 'consistently great' sales results merely belong to an exclusive band of real estate agents with uniquely magnetic personalities and a clever turn-of-phrase?

Is any real estate sales methodology really any better than any other in terms of consistent market out-performance? 

The truth is, that in an era of empty words, technology gimmicks and high cost advertising campaigns, reliable real estate sales advice is extremely hard to find. 

With the new reality of every buyer, every seller and every real estate agent having the historical real estate sales data, how and why do buyers pay more than what the 'numbers' suggest?

These ground-breaking, tell-it-like-it-is, books, written by the Australian pioneers of the 'all-inclusive', Staging, Styling and Selling real estate sales model, are books designed to validate that there is a better, far more consistent way, to out-perform the market.

These books are a real and practical expose' of the most reliable way to find and secure a buyer willing to pay more for your home than what the bulk of the market would argue your home is truly worth.

The principles, concepts and strategies outlined in Negotiation Truths (and its counterpart Price Truths) quite!

They are not theoretical statements. They are also not the usual real estate agent's opinion or a quagmire of subjective, self- serving biased positions.

There are so many books, often much longer in pages than these two books, that are filled with impractical, low yield waffle, from authors (famous and otherwise) that lack any true substance and leave the reader still wondering if the written material can genuinely improve the reader's position.

However, these books are a little different. These books are not about offering home sellers the holy grail of sales methodologies or offering a methodology guaranteed to sell every home at a record price in a record period of time.

These books are about reliability. They are about consistency. They are about minimizing risk. They are about control.

The level of reproducible results outlined in these two books has been uniquely documented, and fully detailed, over a period of more than 5 years, in a 'flat' capital city market place.

The testing and validation of the results have been curated over almost every type of home (large and small, new and old, apartment and stand alone house, contemporary and traditional) in more than 60 different locations and suburbs within Greater Brisbane, Australia.

The results have also not been biased by the traditional 'local agent, local area' agency approach where strong sales results are more often a function of the growth of a suburb than the merits of the agent's process.

As the Australian ambassadors of seller-focussed real estate 'value-innovation', and the only Australian real estate agency to win not 1 but 4 consecutive Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) Property Styling awards (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), Cape Cod Residential offers a serious antidote to the 'sales-volume at any cost' approach that currently dominates the global real estate industry.

These books are a genuine 'must-read' for any homeowner interested in reducing the inherent risks involved in selling their home.

Here is what our real clients say ...

"Thanks and your team did a brilliant job for us. Made our life so easy, and made our apartment look great in a matter of days and sold within a matter of hours, in a lockdown no less!

Talk about rise to the occasion! Couldn't recommend you more. You guys are rock stars.


New Farm Seller

“You beauty!!! Great effort by the Russell duo. Fantastic outcome in the current self-isolation environment.


Carina Seller

"Cape Cod Residential were the most professional real estate agents I have ever dealt with.

On the day of the sale there were over 100 people. By the end of that day, I had a 30 day, cash, unconditional contract, over market price.

You cant ask for more than that! They certainly walk the talk with honesty and integrity."


Gordon Park Seller

"The Cape Cod Residential team is like a breath of fresh air in real estate. Actually make that a whirlwind of fresh air!

Nothing was left to chance. 


Ashgrove Seller

"When we first heard about Cape Cod Residential's services, it challenged our approach to selling our home.

We had some decisions to make and thanks to Luke and his advice I believe we made the correct decisions. We are saying to all our friends - "why would you NOT use them?

Ed and Marg

Wynnum Seller

About The Authors

Brisbane's ONLY - 'All-Inclusive' - Staging, Styling and Selling Real Estate Agency

Anne-Maree Russell

B.Sc.,Grad Dip Nut and Diet, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Anne-Maree Russell is Australia’s leading authority in presentation-centric real estate sales. As the Principal and co-founder of Cape Cod Residential, Brisbane’s only, all-inclusive, Staging, Styling and Selling agency, she has pioneered one of Australia’s most effective residential property sales strategies against the backdrop of new age real estate gimmicks and traditional agency competition.  

Anne-Maree is the ONLY Australian real estate agent to win not one, but five, prestigious HIA Property Styling awards for an amazing four years in a row (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) along with multiple consecutive design and service awards across 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 confirming Anne-Maree’s position as one of Australia’s pre-eminent real estate innovators.  

She is also the founder of The Australian Real eStagents® Network, was one of just four finalists for the Gold AREA Award for ‘Most Influential Woman In Property’ at the 2019 National REA Excellence Awards, and is the inspiration for other forward thinking agencies around Australia to adopt the valuedriven approach of integrated Staging, Styling and Selling.  

Formerly a pediatric dietitian and professional social media influencer, Anne-Maree is definitely not your typical real estate agent, adopting ‘value’ over ‘volume’ to ensure constant demand for her agency’s services. It is easy to see why the Cape Cod Residential mission statement reads ‘Uncompromising value, unprecedented service’. 

Luke Russell

B.Sc.,Dip C.D.,Dip F.P, Cert IV Finance, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Luke is the co-founder and general manager of Cape Cod Residential and has over 20 years experience in real estate and financial services. He is a qualified financial planner, finance broker, financial modeling software developer, published author ($Million Dollar Nest Egg) and fully licensed real estate agent.  

Luke holds qualifications in science, company directing, financial planning, finance broking and real estate and has appeared on major Australian television news broadcasts to provide expert financial commentary.  

As a recognized innovator in the financial services industry, Luke’s technical expertise is ever present in the highly refined Cape Cod Residential ‘presentation and control’ sales process.  

Luke has an insatiable focus on evidenced-based real estate outcomes to ensure that every seller only pays for products and/or services that are ‘necessary’, not just ‘nice’.  

For Luke, it’s all about low cost, high impact, predictable outcomes, using highly reliable strategies that simply work!